Types of Membership

Family Membership

Our family membership includes a couple and their children that reside at the same address. There is unlimited access to the club for all members of the family. Grandparents and nannies are also permitted to visit the club without paying a guest fee.

Single Parent

A single parent membership includes one parent and dependent children – it relates ONLY to divorcees and widows/widowers. There are no guest fees for children when they attend the club. Partner’s and ex-spouses of single parent members must pay guest fees when they attend the club and are limited to 6 visits in a season. Grandparents are included.

 Empty Nester

To qualify as an Empty Nester family, the youngest member of your family must be 15 years old when the club opens for the new season. You can not convert to an Empty Nester membership during the season. Empty Nester couples have unlimited access to the club. Their dependent children can visit the club as many times as they like, but guest fees are payable. Empty Nester children that are lifeguards will be exempt from guest fees. Grandparents and nannies will be required to pay guest fees and will be limited to six visits per season.