Round Top welcomes your guests to our beautiful club.

Guest Rules

Members may invite a maximum of 6 guests to the club per day. A guest form must be completed for each guest or family and the appropriate fees must be paid. Payment can be made at the front desk, on-line or by using a Round Top Guest Pass. Guest passes can be purchased at the snack shack.

Members must remain at the club with their guests at all times. If the member that signs the guest in to the club leaves, the guest must leave at the same time. No unaccompanied guests are allowed at the club at any time.

A member must be at least 12 years old to sign a guest into the club.

Please note: An individual can only visit Round Top 6 times during the season (regardless of which member brings them) unless special arrangements are made with the board in advance.

Guest Fees

Individual Entry Before 5pm – $10 per person
Individual Entry After 5pm – $5
Family Entry (Maximum 6 family members) Before 5pm  – $30
Family Entry (Maximum 6 family members) After 5pm – $15
House Guests : $40 per week
Grand-parents – Free at all times

Click here for the Guest Form